I’d recommend Kevin’s Catering anytime

When our stag was scheduled, no one could have predicted the snow storm that occurred. But when the big day came, my friends showed up at the Knights of Columbus and the food was hot, fresh and on time. Kevin’s chicken cutlets are the best! I’d recommend Kevin’s Catering anytime.

Joe Constantine

Wowed our friends

“Every year my friends from college and their families get together in one of our hometowns. When we hosted the event here in Buffalo, I called Kevin and designed a menu with Buffalo specialties as well as some more upscale dishes. All of the food was to the highest quality and our guests verified their claims that people in Buffalo eat well. Thanks Kevin’s Catering for helping us wow our friends.”

Scott and Lauren Culver

Hosted a great event

“The church holds a fundraiser every year and as a regular customer at Kronie’s, I spoke with Kevin about catering the event. The chicken dinners he offered were fantastic, and everyone was asking who the chef was throughout the day. We ended up with happy parishioners, and some awesome leftovers! Thanks Kevin for helping us host a great event.”

James Adkins

Saved the Big Day

“Our wedding catering service fell through at the last minute, and I had never heard of Kevin’s Catering before. Kevin was beyond helpful and saved the big day for us. The food was outstanding, the service was polite and on-time, and we were fortunate to have happy, fed guests. I would recommend Kevin’s Catering to the highest degree for any event.”

Erin Murphy